Commitment issues – writing

​It occurred to me today that I have commitment issues. Not romantically, well, that’s a different story. But artistically I have commitment issues. When I had to select a topic for my dissertation in my BA I was spooked by the concept of a year – a whole year – of just one study topic. […]

Final Fantasy X 

Quick summary

Score: 6.5/10
Pros: Great characters, decent plot, easy to upgrade weapons and gil, has the FF feel, aesthetically stunning, excellent music
Cons: Too many vids, awkward levelling system, blitz ball
Favourite character: Seymour / Kimahri

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SUICIDE SQUAD SEXISM – be bold, be beautiful, be Harley Quinn 

Following the many poor reviews of Suicide Squad (2016), of which I object because I loved the film, there has been a resurgence of controversy over Harley Quinn.

Before I begin I should say that I can understand why people may feel awkward about sexualisation of the only female character in the current squad. Of course in productions past we have seen many other female squad members such as Poison Ivy, Frost, Oracle, Vixen and Duchess – all who were completely bad ass, but I think people are missing the point. This being:

Harley isn’t the ‘token hottie’, she’s a legend in her own right who happens to own the fact she has a great ass – which is a totally separate thing.