Commitment issues – writing

​It occurred to me today that I have commitment issues. Not romantically, well, that’s a different story. But artistically I have commitment issues. When I had to select a topic for my dissertation in my BA I was spooked by the concept of a year – a whole year – of just one study topic. I eventually went with literature representing Native Americans and got a second class honours, but after that I never wanted to read a book on Jamestown and John Smith again. I have to put in a proposal for my MA in Creative Writing now and I am beyond petrified. I have to write something and I want to write about Gladiators, but I’m petrified I’ll lose that sparkle in the writing process!

I love Gladiators, I REALLY love Gladiators, hell I spent nearly £3,000 to see the cast of Spartacus this year, then had it tattooed, and I read Latin – I LOVE Gladiators! But what if this ruins it? I cannot have a kiss on the cheek from Nick (Ashur), the tears when Ande  (Duro) signed my autograph ‘beautiful Roxanne’ or getting a selfie with Craig (Glaber) in a ball gown (me not him) invalidated. No! But it’s a huge passion of mine. I really have writing commitment issues…

I’ve written so many novels and torn / burnt / thrown them in a rage right before publishing point…

I had an agent…

I have issues!

Anyone else?


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