Blood On The Dance Floor – Jayy quit this morning 

​So I don’t usually post on current events or anything that didn’t fall out of late 90s or early 2000s but I am actually a bit lost for words here
Jayy Von Monroe has announced he’s leaving Blood On The Dance Floor 
And I’m actually quite lost. I knew that Jayy had gone more into his drag career and Dahvie just released his solo album but – I just thought Blood On The Dance Floor would always be the reigning gods of my music world. 
And I don’t say that lightly. I’m a devout occultist and I don’t use God in a blasphemous way but these guys have been a beacon of light for me and my writing. I’m even getting a Dahvie Vanity tattoo.
And yeah Dahvie is my icon but I love Jayy, like what’s happening? Like what, seriously …
I wish Jayy and Dahvie all the best with all their endeavours but I am at a loss for words. My friends will tell you I’m a nice person but I lack in emotions and this, well, it’s knocked me flat! 
So there you have it, writers can apparently be made speechless. I wasn’t this fuzzy when I had my last break up.
So I’ll be raising a glass to the band tonight but I am just so shell shocked. I knew it would happen but not right now. Scissors just came out (and obviously I preordered) but I am shell-shocked, does that mean when my signed version comes it’ll be the last thing I could ever attain with both boys signatures on …
This is so weird. I can’t even process.
On a plus though there is an opening in the band and I do love you Dahvie so you know, with a lot of auto tune …
Seriously though, I took getting rejected from my Masters Degree twice better that this. I’m not even being melodramatic here, BOTDF are a huge contributor to my writing. When I’m uninspired they’re music goes on and helps, I even have a 1000 word a day target I call project Vanity.
And they’ll both continue to be inspiration and driving factors but in other ways. I want them both to be even more crazy successful but wow … I am a 25 year old woman and I need to sit down and have a strong drink.
And I hope Dahvie is okay. And Jayy. And just wow.


8 thoughts on “Blood On The Dance Floor – Jayy quit this morning 

      1. I’m sorry I took so long to respond on my favorite hottie! I personally love both of them, but I love Jayy the most, if I had to pick. I didn’t like when he had his hair up kinda pomaded though. Ya know, when it was like gelled back and high-ish. It is a close competition to pick one. It’s just so damn hard!😂😝😜😆
        I love Dahvie so much too!!!!


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